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Packed up and ready to hit the road for an eventful holiday. Plumbing Emergencies can be avoided.

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Leaking pipes, Frozen pipes, Winterization's, Hoe-bib Leaks and more can be serviced before you make that trip to avoid costly unexpected breaks. Plumbing Emergencies, Same Day Service, Water Heaters, Disposals and Drain Routing professionals are ready to service you.

Heading to see family for the Holidays. Prevent a crisis

Packed up and ready to hit the road for an eventful holiday out of town? Your return home could be less than relaxing, there are ways to prevent having a headache.

Here’s a checklist of plumbing tasks you should complete before you head out of town this holiday season.

1.Close your outside.

Love watering those beautiful plants, take some time to drain your outside spigots. When the winter weather dips, those outside pipes can freeze and crack and become leaky.

2. Vacation Here you go

Love some hot showers, check your water heater before you leave for any obvious signs of any issues. Water heater looks good, turn the temperature down on your water heater, if you are not able to do so then switch your water heater to vacation mode by turning the water heater power off.

3. Avoid a foul-smelling return

Clearing out the refrigerator before your trip, don’t forget to take a few moments to clean your garbage disposal to ensure there isn’t any left-over food that will make your home smell while you are away.

4. Shut off the main event

One of the best ways to prevent a plumbing disaster while away is to turn off your main shut-off valve. This will prevent any water from coming into your home.

Once you have the water shut-off be sure to drain any fixtures throughout the home and drain the remaining water out of the existing after you shut off the main valve.

5. Configure your sprinkler

If you the main valve is still on, be sure to turn off your sprinkler system. Tiny leaks can add up to an issue when you get back into to town.

6. Stop faucet failure

Why let a leaky faucet waste money down the drain?

This drip calculator shows homeowners how much that leaky faucet is costing in wasted water. Take charge in addressing any leaky faucets before you head out of town.

Call USA Plumbing, For same day service

Whether you are planning a winter getaway, family for the holidays, a few preventative practices can make a huge difference in avoiding a plumbing problem when you return.

Our master plumbers at USA Plumbing can assist with your holiday plumbing prep. Plumbing repairs do not take a holiday, you can rely on the plumbing professionals at USA Plumbing.

Call us today!

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